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Azure Legacy Application Migration Services

Author: Marko Jovovic
ElanWave offers Azure Application Migration Services. We offer simplicity around migrating a legacy application into cloud. Breaking it into #microservices
What does that mean?
At ElanWave we have a vast experience with Cloud development, but being a Microsoft Silver Partner Azure is our Platform of choice. All our engineers and developers are familiar with Azure, but our core Azure experts offer consulting services.


There are three simple ways to migrate your web applications to Azure-App-Service:
Redeploy code using your existing CI/CD pipeline.


Containerize your application and deploy using a Docker image.


Automate the migration of your .NET applications with the App Service Migration Assistant.

When it comes to outdated and costly on-premises infrastructure, the “lift-and-shift” approach can be a cost-saving method to take in-house apps, not in immediate need of re-architecting into the cloud. By moving applications “as-is” onto Azure, organizations can take advantage of some of the benefits of cloud computing - such as increased availability and/or reduced total cost of operations.
Lift and Shift?
ElanWave offers Azure Application Migration Services. What does that mean? We will "lift and shift" your on-premise application, assess it, break it down if needed into micro-services and migrate it into Microsoft Azure Cloud.

We will also assess your database requirement and design the architecture so that its scalable but at the same time cost effective for your business.

Our Azure Lift-and-Shift FastStart consists of the following:
1. Infrastructure/VM discovery
2. Lift/shift workshop
3. Design and planning report
4. Implement hybrid network
5. Pilot move to Azure using Azure Site Recovery

Note: The customer is responsible for all costs of backup and storage incurred on their Azure subscription.