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Sales Proposition

ElanWave Software Services Proposition

Author: Marko Jovovic
Is dropping your software development cost of solutions by 30-50% something you are keen on as well as increasing the output of your development team, then we are here for you?
Let's Start...
We are actively solving problems for companies that have a requirement to re-design, re-develop or develop a new application, but also, we help customers out in simply maintaining applications. We do this via setting up consulting workshops where we involve our architects, consultants and developers to work with you and to find if there are ways to help overcome your pain points.

We are more than happy to offer an assessment with best practices to point you in the right direction. If this is something you think that may be valuable to your company, drop us a line and we can schedule a meeting and demonstrate where we could add value.
How do we do this?
Simply by offering an end-to-end solutions, utilising our experts and professional services consultants to work together with our customers 1 on 1 and to come up with a solution which will be turned into an architecture design, then into high and detailed design, followed by implementation and heavy testing.

Our focus us to provide our customers with absolute quality. Where we differentiate the most is at a point where our technical specialists work with our customers directly in many occasions in order to minimise any minor detail, and via our functional analysts and project management office, we always ensure what we agree is a blueprint of the solution we have developed.

We take an existing Solution. Or a solution we developed for you. We build a release plan and a maintenance plan that is approved by you Mr. Customer. We build feature and road-map and we take care of your solution and we take care of you...

Our team has worked on many enterprise, medium and small engagements, with a vast technology stack, however what we propose in our consulting services is to provide you with the best possible solution for your query. We are focused on delivering a best-fit solution, whilst trying to stay technology agnostic.

In saying that we do have technologies that we prefer using in certain scenarios. We work that out upon a consulting workshop has been conducted.