Why we exist?

To digitalize businesses and work processes, and make them optimal, efficient, and competitive.

To digitalize businesses and work processes and make them optimal, efficient, and competitive.

what do we believe in?

Core values

When creating software, nothing is impossible.
Never stop learning!
Make an impact.
Play as a team!
Quality is business!
We are the wave of innovation, giving 100%!



Quality for clients, even over quantity of clients


Building a great team, even over a large team


Friendliness, even over corporate behavior


What behaviors do we reward?

  • Proactivity
  • Empathy and sense of humor
  • Responsibility
  • Openness and honesty
  • Sharing, helping and lifting others

What behaviors do we disapprove?

  • Egoists & brilliant jerks
  • Dishonesty
  • Giving up
  • Laziness
  • Harassment

Emotional culture

How do we encourage everyone to speak up? How do we promote participation and candor?


Give full trust to get full trust back.


Mutual respect and honesty are norms.


We value everyone's contribution. Everybody has a purpose in this ecosystem.


We understand mistakes can happen. We are just humans.


If you disagree, you have the responsibility to speak up.


how do we help each other learn and grow?

All doors are open
We support asking anything, even the CEO
1 on 1 meetings
Be honest! (But be kind.)
Bi-annual personal development review


How do we celebrate our people, culture and work?

Annual travel experience
Team buildings have to be amazing experiences!
Compete for the title of “table tennis Đoković"
Secret Santa
Regular yoga and basketball make better teamwork
Mexican Waves during meetings when we hear good news or a great idea
What's for lunch? Let's cook! Let's eat together!
Annual awards for random achievements
Taxing dad jokes-FOREZ
Recycle or face Recyclops
Chocolate a day keeps the stress away
Turning colleagues into memes

Decision making

How is authority distributed? What methods do we use to make decisions?


Values are used to make key choices


Employees should strive to be independent decision makers


Empower people - generate autonomy


How do we convene and colaborate?

Transparent weekly meeting with all employees
Open door policy
We embrace quality brainstorming!
No meetings at lunch time!
Start and end on time!
Well-prepared agenda

Norms and rules

How do we clarify expected behaviors without hindering autonomy?

Rules are created with people's input.
Don't hire to delegate, hire to elevate!
Listen to everyone's ideas!