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Intranet and extranet digitalization platform

Technologies used
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The Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital (ADRZ) came to ElanWave with the question if we could develop a system where they were able to distribute articles, in as safe and professional environment. To really understand the clients request we organized a workshop with some of the key players involved to analyze all the functional requirements.
With the information we retrieved from the workshop we established the goals for this project: create an Intranet that is perfectly suited for the end users that are enabled to retrieve required information as quick as possible.


The final result was much more than just an article distribution system: we created a finetuned corporate application that allowed all internal communication to be handled with extreme safety. What was planned to be a mere news communication tool became a complex, yet functional information collaboration system that can be tuned to suit every need of our client.
Using Microsoft SharePoint, we created an application that can be used to communicate with a carefully structured audience; based on pre-defined filters, the location of the recipient, language, topic, hospital department or even the role or the function of the recipient. The Microsoft SharePoint technology gave us the ability to build a secure, integral, state of the art corporate intranet system handling both public documents, news articles and separate pages for each hospital department.
The Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital (ADRZ) is a regional hospital that offers care at several locations to approximately 250.000 inhabitants. Hospitals are, information-wise, some of the most complex systems in the corporate world. Accessibility of information is of crucial importance. The bare fact that most of that information is related to people’s health and general well-being adds another level to the complexity of the solution. Error margins are minimal, and the security, integrity, and availability of information are the top priority. That’s why we highly value the trust that our partners from Admiral de Ruyter Hospital had in us during the development of this project.

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