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Collaboration portal with integrated DMS

Technologies used
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The clients request

The client needed a specific Document Management System to store, track and organize data. This included documents, reports, emails, lists, and their SAP system.
They also needed different and separate work environments for each of their company departments, as well as for each of their 8000+ clients.

What we delivered

The project started as a simple DMS but quickly grew into an integrated intranet solution: the Ancofer Waldram SteelPlates Collaboration Portal. The intranet offers them an easy-to-use collaboration platform with custom features for each of their company departments and clients. We developed a fully customized SharePoint based Web-Application that is also mobile responsive.
The client first requested a Document Management System to organize their data. But after talking to our client and listening to their actual needs and wishes, we decided that an integrated intranet would be the best possible solution for their needs. We chose a Microsoft SharePoint based technology, because this would give us a secure environment whilst maintaining the option to fully customize all options that we needed for Ancofer Waldram Steelplates and their clients. Finally, we also ensured that the final platform matched the existing company brand aesthetics.
Ancofer Waldram Steelplates B.V. (AWS) is a stockholding wholesaler and steel service centre. They specialize in the supply of hot-rolled heavy carbon steel plates and profiled parts. They have a client base of over 4.000 companies, and all of them have very specific needs.

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