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ZorgInstituut Nederland

Portal 2019

Technologies used
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Zorginstituut Nederland plays a major role in the Dutch healthcare system and they approached us some years back to create a new intranet environment. We created a full enterprise solution, containing both state-of-the-art CMS and DMS. This time their goal was to improve the current system in place, to make the platform faster and more responsive.
This way, they are able to help their patients in a faster and more reliable way. By looking at the design and technologies, we created a better environment for the users and their everyday jobs.


The final solution for this project was a fully responsive web portal which can be used by medical personnel in order to provide better healthcare to their patients. By using this portal, hospital employees are equipped with a database of possible diseases, a list of occurring symptoms and the proposed therapies used for treatments. We also added an extra module, where managers can interact as an admin on the platform. This way they can change general settings and keep track of who is able to do what and in which way.
Using latest technologies we managed to create system which is fully responsive and adaptable to all kind of devices. We created the option to upload files in various ways, from simple but important files about diseases to uploading entire reports from other medical institutions. Because of the importance of this intranet, we introduced asynchronous upload processes. This meant the users were still able to operate the platform without any disturbance, even if the file was as big as 1000 MB’s. Because the system is using large amounts of data, we used SQL Server in combination with the Entity Framework. Finally, to ensure a smooth transition between pages we used Angular 5
Zorginstituut Nederland is an advisory and executive organization in the field of healthcare. ZINL plays a key role in the Dutch healthcare system. Quality, accessibility and affordability are the main pillars of the Dutch healthcare system, ZINL ensures that these pillars form a strong foundation for a healthy system. Zorginstituut Nederland is one of the cornerstone organizations of the Dutch healthcare system. Next to ZINL we worked very closely with Dutch software developer Garansys on this project, one of our key partners.

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