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Zorg Instituut Nederland

Extranet portal

Technologies used
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Zorginstituut Nederland plays a major role in the Dutch healthcare system. They approached us to create a new intranet environment.
A portal that suited their many needs, like the safe keeping of highly personal patient information, while ensuring the possibility of accessing the information needed by internal and external healthcare providers. In this portal, information from multiple sources need to be combined.


What we created is much more than just a portal – it’s a full enterprise solution, containing both state-of-the-art CMS and DMS. Gathering and distribution of information related to the healthcare system are the basis to ensure continuous improvement of the healthcare system. We are proud to say that this portal plays a crucial role in that process by allowing healthcare providers to collaborate and share information, which they can use to continuously improve healthcare quality standards.
We created a Microsoft SharePoint based portal, designed with all the specific needs of Zorginstituut Nederland in mind. It’s optimized for both external and internal users, in order to provide all healthcare providers with insights in all quality standards, guidelines, and instruments for healthcare in the Netherlands. We developed a fully customized and state-of-the-art CMS and DMS.
Zorginstituut Nederland is an advisory and executive organization in the field of healthcare. ZINL has a key role in the Dutch healthcare system. Quality, accessibility and affordability are the main pillars of the Dutch healthcare system, ZINL ensures that these pillars form a strong foundation for a healthy system. Zorginstituut Nederland is one of the cornerstone organizations of the Dutch healthcare system. Next to ZINL we worked very closely with Dutch software developer Garansys on this project, one of our key partners.

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