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Ministry of Justice and Security


Technologies used
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With numerous responsibilities of DIA (department international affairs) employees including frequent travels and contact with foreign officials, it's of utmost importance for the Ministry to keep the track of all the information related to those contacts.
Our client needed a reliable solution to store all related information, as well as a convenient way to search through it, because this is the basis for the continuous improvement of those relations.


For the first challenge we developed a custom-made, modular CRM system. We made use of a device independent, web-based application. With the DIA's day-to-day activities in mind, it contained and classified all the different types of data crucial to the process of customer relations, with enterprise search enabling users to quickly find the exact data they need.
With this CRM system, we went a step further. In addition to the web-based app, we created a mobile application, ensuring that all the needed information is always at our client's disposal. By basing our solution on a SharePoint platform, we were able to use the newest type of SharePoint Add-ons (Provider Hosted App, in this case). By implementing the existing DMS platform flawlessly with a huge amount of new functionalities we created a perfect platform for all the parties involved.
The Ministry of Justice and Security is responsible for maintaining the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their life-style or views. The Ministry is working towards a safer, more just society by giving people legal protection and, where necessary, intervene in their lives.

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