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Department of Justice and Security

Oude Beleids Archief

Technologies used
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Sometimes, our task is not only to innovate, but to find ways to save and store old archives and information, while modernizing the format that the information is stored in, thus improving the documents accessibility and the usability of data.
That was exactly what our long-time client, Dienst Terugkeer en Vertrek (DT&V), asked from us. The Ministry of Justice and Security the Netherland needed a system that stored all their old documents whilst reorganizing it and making it more accessible.


The archive wasn’t created for the files to be stored and forgotten, we wanted the stored data to be more accessible than ever. Besides a state-of-the-art responsive design, the biggest difference was in the usage of SharePoint add-ons and metadata. Of course, our choice for this project was a selection of Microsoft tools, with Microsoft SharePoint being the cornerstone of the solution.
We delivered a custom-made, user-friendly, digital documentation archive. Not only did it make the old information easier to search, but it also enabled our clients to add new documents and relate them to old ones, where needed. Together with the DT&V we worked with an Agile approach. This means we had a clear scope of our work every two weeks. Also, we delivered an excellent DMS system that can be used as a template for similar DMS systems within the DT&V.
The Ministry of Justice and Security is responsible for maintaining the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their life-style or views. The Ministry is working towards a safer, more just society by giving people legal protection and, where necessary, intervene in their lives.

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