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Technologies used
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The clients request

Customers were asking us for a solution for assessing and creating ship, vessel, oil platform, and ship-wreck reports. The goal was for inspectors and surveyors to create reports with easy way to note locations, hazardous materials, and outline any poisoning risks, oil spills, and other important information required by the Maritime Authorities, but also private ship yards, and agencies that are in the Maritime industries.
The product "Surveyor" started off as a requirement by one of our customer, and turned into a solution. ElanWave as IT solutions company was happy to start designing and developing this product together with out customer. The idea was from the start to have a fully configurable and customisable product, and not just focus on one type of surveying or inspection. Sea Surveyor started off as a building inspection idea which turned into sea platform, ship yards, ships and ship-wrecking industry application for inspections.

The result

The result was an astonishing piece of technology and an application made to make lives easier. Easily customisable, report creation application for the Maritime Industry, which can be customisable in a very pragmatic approach to become and inspection application that can be applied to any and not just the Sea and Maritime industry.
Application built for any type of mobile device, technology agnostic, and device agnostic, with its own web panel used for the configuration and report export. The application takes locations, pictures in real-time during the inspection so that the surveyor, even if they are in off-line mode has a seamless way of uploading their report for an approval and for further processing.
Additional features
Sea surveyor is a cross platform and a cross device app and because of these features a user can use any device as a surveyor to capture the information, photographs, locations and put together a professional report that can be exported to PDF as soon as complete. This means your clients get the reports in real time, which further cuts down the office and administration costs.

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