What we offer

Application Development

Realizing reality
Do you have an idea or vision without the expertise at hand to realize it? This is where our developers and designers come into play. ElanWave has a large team of experienced and highly motivated application developers, who are always up for a new challenge. With this team, your idea can be realized.
More than just an app
The critical mistake many people make is in thinking application development is just building an app. It’s actually much more. By working closely with you as a client, we will learn about your needs, objectives and requirements. Together we will come up with an actionable project plan, to create an application that will exceed your expectations. From cloud based, open-sourced, mobile applications to closed document management systems. We will show our dedication and involvement from start to finish.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is your application.
Building an application consists of two components: the use of the newest and most reliable software available and working with the best developers out there to bring that software to life. Our employees do not only possess hard skills like coding, they are also trained in their soft skills. This way, they can communicate and collaborate with our clients, which will lead to a better end result.


What we’ve created for our clients serves as the best showcase of our knowledge. Have a look at some our latest projects
Collaboration portal with integrated DMS
ZorgInstituut Nederland
Portal 2019
Department of Justice and Security
Oude Beleids Archief
Department of Justice and Security
Oude Beleids Archief