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Application Maintenance

An update a day, keeps the doctor away.
When an application is launched, it is often only the beginning of its life cycle. The moment we deliver an application it is ready to be used and we’ve ensured that all its specs have met your requirements. But after some time, those requirements can change. This may be because of a change in the technical environment - like a system update - or they could have been influenced by a change of needs in the end-user of your product.
Ongoing Maintenance
This means that you must continuously improve your applications through regular upgrades, updates and a reliable maintenance service. To do this, you will need developers that are highly flexible and easily accessible, and those are the exact qualities our developers have. By always keeping your application up-to-date you not only ensure an optimal use over a longer period of time, but it can also extend the life cycle of your application. A personal approach is something you not only want at the start or middle of a project, but also in all other stages. That is why every part of your project is personal to us, including ongoing maintenance. Because we can tailor the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all your wishes, we can ensure flexibility and reliability whenever your company needs it. Investing a small amount in ongoing maintenance can therefore result in big savings later.
Searching for more
Application maintenance also means having a proactive role at the clients’ side. By continuously working with the latest technologies, we always strive to develop the best products possible. So, when a product is already delivered and a new feature or update available, we always seek to advise our clients on those possibilities. This way our clients’ applications are always working properly and fit with all the end-user's needs.


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