Damjana Jurošević

You cannot help but smile when Damjana enters the room. 

She is in charge of getting everyone energized, making sure that we are responsible for our environment and, most importantly, satisfied with the workplace.

Damjana is there to support colleagues in every aspect – to onboard them, to help them achieve their full career potential, and also to be their listening ear if needed.  She’s very compassionate and empathetic, which she showed by providing emotional support at a suicide prevention center. 

Her altruism and team spirit help her in making people-oriented decisions. Well, except when the room temperature is not to her liking, then she can be rather cold (pun intended).

We love her because she's not just making sure that we understand the benefits of teamwork but she’s making sure we have fun at work too! Team building activities, happy hour gatherings, and awesome events - Damjana is there to make it happen! 

However, workshops and 1-on-1 meetings are Damjana’s favorite part of the job and often remind her of why she wanted to become a psychologist and work with people in the first place. 

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