Tamara Bailov

After writing about ten book critics and reviews, and having about fifteen social media clients, Tamara is finally attracted by a completely unknown scary world – the IT sector. She finds refuge in it under the title of marketing manager, and we thought - that's exactly what we need. 

Curiosity helps Tamara to make every day at work fun and to love her position and the IT industry even more. She's very proud that terms like Power BI, nearshoring, and Sitecore no longer sound like Klingon language. Tamara is in charge of spreading the good word about ElanWave through social networks, the website, and events. 

Keeping up with trends and excellent googling skills make Tamara a real marketing guru, and her biggest inspiration are colleagues and everyday situations in the office. 

In her free time, she runs away from all the screens she spends her working day on and recharges her batteries in nature, among the animals and people she loves. Her Instagram bio describes her the best: "Marketing manager by day, forest fairy by night."  

Tamara, as a real fairy, will cast a spell to make ElanWave stand out in a sea of IT companies. 

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