Our organization is a Gold Microsoft Partner, with Engineering, Consulting and Architecture experts, establishing itself as a leader in its niche market space. With offices in the Netherlands and Serbia, we are a truly international brand with a team of experts certified in Microsoft and other technologies.

Words We Live By

Every business has its own product or service, but they always have one thing in common: the necessity of quality, efficient software and support. At ElanWave, we always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible custom-made software solutions in the domain of software, web, and mobile applications for our clients.

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Aiming To Make An Impact

With our services, we want to raise the standards within the software development world by letting dedication and a personal approach become self-evident to everyone in need for software solutions.

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In need of development

The past decade, during the “digital boom”, there has been an enormous growth in the use of computing devices. This also means that there is a demand for more software applications from both businesses and consumers. The only problem: there aren't enough engineers to develop all those apps. On top of this, it's still difficult to find the people with the right skills and experience needed to get your job done.

Finding your missing link

If you're not looking for a team to solve your challenges but you're in need of that one person who is missing in your existing team, ElanWave is also a staffing expert. We're confident we can provide that missing link in your software development team, with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to lift your product to the next level.

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Full-stack and more

That is why ElanWave provides companies with team augmentation. With us, you won't have to worry about looking for the right people, because we will provide the full stack developers you need. From analyzing the challenge, designing and developing the application, to finally testing it, we have teams who deliver beyond your expectations. And it doesn't matter where you are, our team can provide you with their expertise anywhere you like thanks to our on-demand nearshore services. In addition to all of this, there's no adjustment period; our teams have already worked together on previous projects, so they know how to work in sync immediately.

Our Sources of Strength

At ElanWave we define our work by 4 values:


Never settle for anything less than top-notch quality. Our brilliant minds are dedicated to solving every software development challenge you may face.


Our team consists of unique, ambitious and ingenious individuals. Ask anyone working with us and they'll agree: we respect everyone's opinion equally.


Experience is essential. To get the results you need, we deliver the knowledge and expertise to get it done.


Find new dimensions in solutions by merging craftsmanship with creativity. By approaching challenges head-on, we create dynamic results. We adopt our creativity, not only in visual designs but also in solving complex challenges.

The way we work


At ElanWave we always go the distance. We are innovative and only strive for the best outcomes. We work closely with our clients to come up with new ideas. These components result in high-quality, custom-made solutions that bring our client's businesses to a higher level. Excellent, proactive communication and mutual trust are the foundations of a high-quality service, and that's exactly what we aim to deliver.

A project is approached as an opportunity for direct involvement with clients, cooperating to define milestones and goals.

By using our combined experiences, we improve the workflow through the process of iterative development. To ensure the quality and timeframe of our work the scrum process was introduced. This enables the team to get the best results possible without delays and loss of quality. By defining clear tasks and sprints, the optimal result is delivered to our clients.

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