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In this Digital World we are turning the “Impossible” into “Possible” and that has become our goal. Leaving a positive impact, gathering experience, and showing commitment above and beyond, we are delivering quality solutions and growing a culture-driven company. Our approach is based on simplification, modernization, and innovation. We believe that you must simplify to modernize, to be able to innovate in a structured way afterward. None of this is possible without our team of driven experts whose growth we nurture.

Dejan Dujak, CEO

Meet the Management

Nikola Spasojevic CTO & Solution Architect
Zuzana Boćanski Finance Director & Power BI Expert
Marko Iskić Business Developer
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Meet the Team

She managed to turn her people-oriented trait into a career, hobby, and personal interest. When she is not interviewing, she is providing emotional support at a suicide prevention center, organizing student conferences, and spending time planning her next hang out. Loves gin tonics too. Read more...

Damjana Jurosevic Removebg
Damjana Jurošević HR Associate

Aleksandar is our beloved señor, always willing to help our juniors. Let us tell you, if there were a zombie apocalypse, we would all go to Aca because that's where we would feel the safest. He enjoys preparing steaks and spending time with his son.

Aleksandar Bogicevic Removebg
Aleksandar Bogičević Software Engineer

Aleksandar is a top connoisseur of various genres of music who knows to sing the whole song Boro Boro by Arash in perfect Persian. In addition to music, he is also a big fan of basketball and the Boston Celtics.

Aleksandar Dobric Removebg
Aleksandar Dobrić Software Engineer

She turned her sympathy for mathematics to sister science - information technology, which she graduated from. She continues to learn and develop her skills every day. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cycling, and spending time with friends.

Natasa Miskic Min Removebg
Nataša Miškić Software Engineer

Jack of all trades, possibly a master of few. Danilo has been in IT for almost a decade and claims that he found his ideal spot at ElanWave as a UX designer and a Product Owner. When not working, he spends a bunch of time at the gym or listening to/playing music.

Danilo Calic Removebg
Danilo Ćalić UI/UX Designer & Product Owner

From a young age, Danijel always loved to take things apart, to figure out how things work but trying to reassemble those things back rarely worked. That love later on transferred to video games and then into programming. Besides work, Danijel likes to spend time with friends and family.

Danijel Aladin Removebg
Danijel Aladin Software Engineer

Multidisciplinary designer and a problem solver with 8 years of overall experience in design. As an UI/UX designer, she always chose functionality instead of visual appearance. She cares about details and loves intuitive interfaces.

Terezija Stanic Removebg
Terezija Stanić UI/UX Designer

His addiction to logic led him to graduate in economics and then fortunate circumstances brought him to testing and ElanWave. There he is doing an unpopular job of finding errors, but somebody has to! He also trains (hopefully not in vain, as Joe Strummer would say) and plays some drums.

Marko Milovanovic Min Removebg
Marko Milovanović QA Engineer

Love for mathematics lead Ljiljana to graduate on the Faculty of Technical Sciences and afterward to ElanWave, where she started her career as a software developer. She believes balance is key to success, so after work, she finds time to sip coffee and relax with her friends and family.

Ljiljana Knezevic Removebg
Ljiljana Knežević Software Engineer

Since she was little, Nina loved to draw. After college, she worked as a frontend developer but she quickly realized that she feels most comfortable while doing creative work. In her free time, she likes to cook, go to the gym and spend time in nature. She is also a no.1 seaside lover.

Nina Ristic Removebg
Nina Ristić UI/UX Designer

He was the first Petar that we hired, and we were so satisfied with him that we had to get two more Petars, and we never regretted it. If his mom is to be believed, Petar is the best developer in the world. He cooks daily and fulfills his adrenaline needs through airsoft and snowboarding.

Petar Milakovic Min Removebg
Petar Milaković Software Engineer

As a graphics engineer with an eye for details, a gamer and a PC enthusiast since an early age, Srđan enjoys bringing great user interfaces to life. He loves to keep a pulse on UI trends and best coding practices. When offline, he listens to house music, watches thrillers or cycles.

Srdjan Gojkov Removebg
Srđan Gojkov Software Engineer

After working in finances for a short period, Teodora realized that was not for her, and decided to try herself out in project management. She changed her study field to IT and is now a Ph.D. candidate. In free time, she loves to travel, run and spend time with her lovely friends.

Teodora Ivanovic 1 Min Removebg (2)
Teodora Prodanović Project Manager

After getting a Bachelor's degree in Graphic design, Petar found his true passion for coding. Following his new career, the path took him to ElanWave, where he works as a software developer. In his pastime, he maps pet-friendly locations around Novi Sad.

Petar Plackov Removebg
Petar Plačkov Software Engineer

Anja never had any talent but she was always good at listening to people, so she became a psychologist. Now her job is to find the right people for the right role. Outside of work she like to make plans for her future alpaca farm and watch hockey. Read more...

Anja Klisaric Removebg
Anja Klisarić Talent Acquisition Specialist

Biljana graduated from the Faculty of Economics and entered the world of the IT industry 2 years ago through quality assurance testing. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her friends. She also loves dogs and considers herself a shoe addict.

Biljana Vukelic Removebg
Biljana Vukelić QA Engineer

Curious about how various apps and websites are created, Kristina decided to study Computer Science and Automation at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. After graduating, she began her career at ElanWave. In her free time she loves to read books, run and spend time with friends and family.

Kristina Mucibabic Removebg
Kristina Mučibabić Software Engineer

After getting a Bachelor's degree, Verica started her career as a software developer in ElanWave. During her free time, she likes to read, spend time with family and friends, listen to music, and swim. She has two sisters, they are triplets, and her wish is to travel the world together.

Verica Mucibabic Removebg
Verica Mučibabić Software Engineer

Writing codes in QBasic as a little boy, Miodrag discovered his passion for programming. That was the main turning point when he started college and has continued to this day. Besides that, Miodrag is very interested in a healthy lifestyle and sports.

Miodrag Tomic Removebg
Miodrag Tomić Software Engineer

Nemanja was always interested in new technologies. Incorporating both leadership skills and academic background with a focus on project management, he brings the perfect blend to the table. In his spare time, he manages to play basketball as a power forward for a small local team.

Nemanja Nicin Removebg
Nemanja Nićin Project Manager

Sara loves puzzles, which is why she became a developer - because coding is assembling a puzzle. Sara would love it if sleeping were her hobby, but she says she does not have time for that hobby. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.

Sara Panic Removebg
Sara Panić Software Engineer

As a kid, Slaviša dreamt of being a pilot. When that dream failed, he found inspiration and challenge in programming. He is a part of the ElanWave bunch as a developer primarily in Microsoft .NET technology. Likes to read about history, motorsport, and airplanes.

Slavisa Stojanovic Removebg
Slaviša Stojanović Software Engineer

From a young age, Jan always loved working on computers. Now he's working very hard to become a Power BI Developer at ElanWave. In his free time, he loves watching sports, TV shows, movies, and playing board games with friends.

Jan Bocanski Removebg
Jan Boćanski Power BI Developer

Still in college, but working harder than ever, Petar strives for greatness every time he enters the building. He started coding in middle school, and never looked back. In spare time, he loves watching sports, collecting bucket hats and cooking.

Petar Bundalo Removebg
Petar Bundalo Software Engineer

After getting a Bachelor's degree and later working in Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Aleksandra decided to combine Economics and IT. Ever since she was a teenager she loved working with numbers. In her free time, she loves traveling and spending time with friends.

Aleksandra Marjanovic Removebg
Aleksandra Marjanović Power BI Developer

When not coding, Miroslav uses his free time to work on himself and his skills. He likes learning and watching shows about sports, constructions, notable personalities, and history. His hobbies include watching and participating in quizzes, as well as going to the cinema and theatre.

Miroslav Gaborov Removebg
Miroslav Gaborov Software Engineer

After obtaining a Master's degree in Software Engineering, Predrag decided to start his career at ElanWave. He is a passionate engineer with a strong focus on code quality and architecture. He spends his spare time mostly in nature, as far away from computer screens as possible.

Predrag Glavas Removebg
Predrag Glavaš Software Engineer

Since he was a child, Dusan liked to break things, and see how they work (yes, even marbles). Who knew there was a career path which would perfectly suit him? Now he's a QA Engineer with over 5 years of experience. He spends most of his time with his friends or listening to music.

Dusan Kis Removebg
Dušan Kiš QA Engineer

Aleksandar is a seasoned .NET software developer who always tries to learn new technologies and expands his professional horizons. Among other things, he enjoys spending time with his family in outdoor activities. He is a big fan of motorsports and cycling.

Aleksandar Smukov Removebg
Aleksandar Smukov Software Engineer

After graduating from university, Jefimija started working as a nutritionist. She decided she wanted something different and started working as an Office Manager at ElanWave. In her free time, she likes to learn new languages and enjoys music, movies, and books.

Jefimija Bogovac Removebg
Jefimija Bogovac Office Manager

After years of writing book critics and reviews, Tamara started writing copies for Instagram and found out that her biggest passion is marketing. She is always on her phone taking pictures of sunsets and our team, responding to some emails, or searching for the latest social media trends. Read more...

Tamara Bailov Removebg
Tamara Bailov Marketing Manager

Mile likes to say that PC evolution and he are contemporaries who have been BFFs since the moment they met. But don't let his profession fool you, in his free time Mile plays a lot of sports recreationally and loves to watch them too. However, the most space in Mile’s heart occupies his passion for sports cars.

Mile Kordic Removebg
Mile Kordić Software Engineer

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