Dejan Dujak

"YES, it's possible" type of person!

No matter if it comes to building innovative software solutions, finding a way to motivate his team, or skiing backwards on the steep Alpine slopes, Dejan Dujak is a true leader by example!

And he does lead ElanWave by example!

With over 20 years in the business and IT sector, he doesn't leave you emotionless when you talk to him. He will wake and shake your emotions in the first 3 seconds of a meeting. Skillful negotiator that knows how to establish a win-win situation for all parties included.

He's a top-notch engineer trusted by other top-notch engineers when it comes to imagining, creating and delivering superior software.

Raised and educated in the Netherlands, he is the perfect combination of Dutch open-mindedness and the Balkans stubbornness! These traits gave him the advantage to become the real CREATIVE DOER!

Dejan worked for large tech companies during his career, where he acquired not just his technical knowledge but also the art of communicating with business partners. Moreover, his persistence and analytical skills were something that recommended him to the Dutch government where he was involved in the digitalization of many eGovernment services that people of the Netherlands use today.

From the client's perspective, it's easy to work with Dejan. He's always trying to provide added value to his business partners, and they are long-term partners in turn.

Sometimes, clients aren't really sure what the solutions for their problems are, but Dejan is always ready to guide them to a clear vision and verbalization of what they wish to achieve.

Maybe he doesn't have a sommelier certificate but take it from us, this guy knows top-quality wine and doesn't drink anything else, preferring the wine from Hercegovina more than anything.

Dejan Dujak Single Circle Suit