Nikola Spasojević

Nikola is a strong engineering professional handling all the hardest engineering tasks in ElanWave as CTO.

He is well-versed in technology and writing code, creating systems that are reliable and user-friendly.

And he does lead ElanWave by example!

To be a successful CTO, he has to be a skilled leader who has the proven ability to motivate, educate, and manage a team of professionals to build quality software products. And he does it flawlessly! One might say that he is a creative engineer balanced with high-quality and customer focus, able to work across multiple facets of the project and juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time.

He is specialized in thinking out of the box to find unique solutions for various challenges and requests and is experienced in building complex web systems that have been successfully delivered to customers for years.

With strong analytic capability and the ability to create innovative solutions, Nikola is an irreplaceable member of our team.

Nikola is a family man and father of the cutest girl. When not at work, he likes cars, football, and skiing.

Nikola Spasojevic Single Circle Suit