Dušana Vučinić

With more than a decade in HR, PR, and organization management, Dušana is our trusted advisor and connector with a keen ability to develop impactful, valuable, and profitable relationships with colleagues, clients, and referral partners.

She is a results-oriented senior leader with experience in developing high-performing organizational culture and aligning the right people with the right positions to fulfill strategic and business goals.

Can be seen in every quarter of our Novi Sad offices, talking to employees, and ensuring that we are all on the same page.

Dušana is also known as our happiness manager even though she strongly believes that such a position doesn't exist in ElanWave. That is the only issue on which our employees disagree with her.

She is someone who is energetic, eager to learn, and creative. Always interested in helping others on their career development journey.

With a great passion for creating out-of-the-box employer branding strategies, she is mainly responsible for making ElanWave a great place to work in.

Dušana was a major bicycle lover even before she started working for our company founded in the Netherlands so in a way she was a perfect fit. Her interests in modern art and interior design had a significant influence in decorating our working space and she’s eager to see how our brand new offices will look like.

It is important to say, she loves animals as much as humans, but she defines herself as a dog person!

Dusana Vucinic Single Circle Suit Woman