Anja Klisarić

A psychologist in the IT industry who will become an alpaca farmer, Anja Klisarić, is the person thanks to whom we have amazing colleagues working at ElanWave.

Anja is involved in the mission of finding the right person for the right position from start to finish - from writing and publishing job vacancies, contacting candidates, and having interviews, to writing reports and feedback to candidates. 

She is mostly led by curiosity, both towards getting to know the candidates, as well as the technologies. She even discovered a love for system administration that she didn’t even know she possessed! Anja is a special kind of psychologist - solves even technical problems. 

She feels the biggest motivation when the results of long work are visible, the selection is completed, and the candidate accepts the offer. Throughout the process, she becomes close to the candidates and is always happy when they officially become her colleagues.

Colleagues are also pleased, of course, because who wouldn't want a colleague with a great sense of (a little bit dark) humor with who they will win at all pub quizzes in Novi Sad? 

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