Zuzana Boćanski

Zuzana knows everything there is about the company. She has been here from the very beginning.

In love with many things, especially with math and statistics! No wonder she's the one who takes care of all the financial parts of the business.

She is fearless! She takes on challenges willfully, just for the sake of acquiring new knowledge. And always wins!

Zuzana is a great example of how both brain hemispheres could work on the same level. She loves drawing in her spare time, she recycles in the office and at home, supports eco-friendly products and organizations, contributes to charity and loves to travel to tropical countries in the East.

Being one of the favorite colleagues in the company, no wonder she enjoys spending time with the people at ElanWave.

Yoga is an important part of her life. She practices it 5 times a week and is responsible for spreading it in the company. Now, she does it in our special office space together with other employees on a regular basis.

Zuzana Bocanski Single Circle Suit Woman