Talent Wiz is a web app which provides an easy way to create your own professional CV

Industry Communication services
Target Market Europe
Products Web-app, Mobile app
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Over the years we have been receiving requests to send out our engineers’ and consultant’ CVs for our project work. Being in the IT outsourcing industry this is very common and having the right template as well as consistency within your CV database can be a real headache. So, we decided to develop our own CV database solution, from which we can easily send links to the CVs required for a particular project.


Bootstrap .NET React

Project challenges

The goal was to create a way for companies and their workers to easily create and manage CVs through templates, without having to go through the trouble of building their CVs from scratch. This gives consistency and a professional feel to the CV created, making a better impression on the employer. To do this a new CV database solution needed to be developed.

The product needed to have many features in order for it to have the desired impact, such as: a searching functionality, an easily navigable creation process, customizable features in the creation process, and many more. ElanWave was happy to deliver and build an immersive product such as this one. The idea was for the product to be different for every single user, delivering a unique customizable experience for every single person who decided to use it. It was also important that the CVs created could be used in a vast array of professions and sectors.

The Result

The result is that every person has a single CV in the system with absolutely no duplicates. In regards to the detail, there are sections that are mandatory and need to be filled in, as well as those which are optional depending on the user’s needs. The look and feel of every CV organization can be “templated”, making it easy for companies to keep the CVs of their employees consistent.

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