My WorkSpace is a web application which allows you to organize your work and tasks easily

Industry Work management
Target Market Europe
Products Web App
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At ElanWave we had a great need for a great task managing product to help us with our work tasks and make us more productive. This is very common in many industries as well as IT, and can cause real headaches, by being more organized companies can increase their efficiency and their profit. So, we decided to develop our own task-manager, which would help with our work process and organization, making it more streamlined and effective.


.NET React Figma Fluent UI

Project challenges

ElanWave decided to create a web application to effortlessly oversee the work of all team members, as well as efficiently manage customer and financial records. Although the application worked technically well, it needed to be visually improved, to be more user-friendly. New features had to be added, to better suit their growing needs.

Since the application was already structurally developed, the main challenge of the redesign was to:
- visually improve the application, without excessive technological changes
- improve the user experience of the application, without major technological changes
- design new functionalities

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The Result

The result was a well improved product which allowed its users to manage their tasks, time and teams effortlessly. It offers many features designed to promote better organizations of work related tasks, like time management, financial management and approving timesheets, thus making the user more productive.

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