Kubio is a web application which helps brokers and businesses apply for commercial loans.

Industry Fintech
Target Market Australia
Products Web App
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About The Client

The client who noticed the problem with loan applying is a bank from Australia, which needed help with simplifying the process of applying for a commercial loan.


Applying for a loan begins with the customer stating for their financial needs such as equipment, vehicles or machinery. The applicant may be a company seeking finance for commercial purposes, or an individual who needs finance for personal use. The bank uses a financial calculator to find out details about the customer's financial capabilities and generates an offer for the applicant, which they then reviews and decide whether to continue with the process.


Figma Material Design

The Client's Request

The client, an Australian bank, noticed a problem with loan applying, namely that the process was not up to par, so they decided to find a way to simplify it. The current problems were that the process lasted too long, was too complex and that in most cases the applicant did not submit the complete documentation.

ElanWave helped come up with a solution to this problem with a we loan pre-approval tool that would give the applicant the information they need in a few quick steps, rather than going through the whole tedious process. The idea was to let the user find out if they are legible for a loan before having to go through the complexities of actually applying for one. The role of ElanWave in this project was in design services, which meant designing all the necessary elements for the project.

The Result

The result was an intuitive and easy to use web-app, which was a big improvement on the previous loan application process. A website was also created, which showcased how the app worked before the users even embarked on the process. All of this resulted in increased customer satisfaction with the services.

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