Application For the Management of a Building Inspection Plan

Industry Construction
Target Market Netherlands
Products Web and Mobile
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About The Client

The certificate of Woningborg N.V. offers certainty. Certainty that in the event of the bankruptcy of the building company, the house will almost always be completed or the buyer will be compensated. In addition, Woningborg Advies B.V. offers an extensive range of advisory services that help entrepreneurs to improve their quality. And Woningborg Toetsing en Toezicht B.V. is the private party in the field of Testing and Supervision of new homes.


Woningborg is the management of a building inspection plan. It includes various features for gathering information about new building and the quality of the building. The inspector is able to upload pictures, video’s, quality forms, ratings and automatically generated statistics. The application is both web-based but also available on iOS and Android and has a fully customized user interface.


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The Client's Request

The Woningborg corporation was in need of an application that gave access to online and offline content to building inspectors on the road. They were looking for an application that was both mobile and web-based and needed to have an option where users could upload and find information on demand.

It had to include the possibility for the inspectors to moderate media (images and videos) associated to the building site they are visiting. Finally, the application had to give all the information needed to analyze the quality of the buildings they visited.

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The Result

We delivered a native mobile application for Android and iOS with a state-of-the-art fully customized user Interface for both mobile and web-based platforms. Because the application is usable in offline and online modus we created a smooth data synchronization process which operates in the background. To get this done we used an Azure Cosmos database, which gives us a low latency and high availability, but still is very flexible in size and capacity. Finally, we were able to develop an application that is stable and has high maintainability.

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