Idea Network is an association of conscientious citizens intent of spreading awareness

Industry Social activism
Target Market Serbia
Products Website
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About The Client

“Idejna Mreza” is an association of citizens whose goal is to develop citizens’ awareness of civil society and encourage and develop social activism. The vision of the association is to recognize ideas whose realization would contribute to the development of the social community, local progress and innovative thinking.


From the very beginning, the association “Idejna Mreza” had only social networks as its presentation. When they decided to take the association to a higher level, they turned to us to design and develop their website. They needed a simple presentation website that in a simple way shows who they are, what they do, as well as to present their workshop and clients.


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The Client's Request

The goal of the client was to create a network of conscientious citizens who would participate in many activities and projects, with the purpose of raising public awareness and supporting social activism. This is done through the organization of educational workshops, seminars and an overall focus on lifelong education. So far they only had a social media presence, and wanted to spread their reach.

The product was meant to be a website which would showcase the values and aspirations of the organization. ElanWave was pleased to be given the opportunity to design and develop a product that would have such great social impact. The idea was to build a simple presentation website that shows who they are, what they do, as well as present their workshops and projects. This also included designing a responsive version for mobile and other smaller devices.

The Result

The result was a modern, up to date and user friendly website which perfectly encapsulates the values of the client. It is succinct and easy to navigate on any device, while delivering on its main goal, which is to spread awareness and support social activism.

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